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respecting the structure of my bones demands respect from others.


1. not possessing, untouched by, void, or destitute.
2. absence of.
3. to deplete or strip of some quality or substance.
Etymology: from Old French devoider, from des-, “out, away” + voider, "to empty," from voide, “empty”, from Old French vuide, from Vulgar Latin vocītus (unattested), from Latin vacuus, “empty” from vacāre, “to be empty”.
[Lee Price]

Guardian, 1995.Polyester resin, fiberglass, and plywood, 45 x 48 x 16 inches.

I’ve told the kids in the ghettos that violence won’t solve their problems, but then they ask me, and rightly so; “Why does the government use massive doses of violence to bring about the change it wants in the world?” After this I knew that I could no longer speak against the violence in the ghettos without also speaking against the violence of my government


Martin Luther King Jr. (via loveinfamine)

The ~*real*~ Dr. King— the one white people don’t want you to know about.

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Somewhere in Germany

Der Kuss, Egon Schiele
It’s been a really good two days. Scott, Maral, and Chris came down to see the shows. I love them so much. I missed them so much it’s ridiculous. On Friday it was Godot and I sat backstage with Sadie. She and I had the talk of the century. It felt so fantastic to talk with someone who shared the same dislikes and sentiments about things. Sadie said that if Stage Managed Lysistrata she would be ASM which is a winning combination. I love Sadie. After Godot Chris took me home stopping at Torchy’s. Established my dominance by eating a taco. Then today it was opening night of Macbeth. Burned myself with a clothing iron but still did the girl’s hair in less than two minutes and cleaned everyone so they were ready. It felt great to be needed by a mass of people. I love the theatre people so much. During the show I hung out with Chris until he had to leave then I sat with Trevor for a while and talked about the next production. I am so happy I saw Scott, Chris, and Maral. MARAL IS GREAT. LOVE HER INFINITELY. I miss the people from last year and I hope Sergio, JinAh, Jess(i)e, Eviva, Justin, and Sonia come by. It’s been a happy two days. Now I am going to sleep (maybe) because being happy is exhausting.