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Writing three collections with at least 5 poems each. One called Boy, the other You, and the last Me. 
Boy will consist of hahahahha poems about boys because you know there aren’t enough of those around. HAHAHHA
You will contain poems about loving yourself and all those positive things. (probably will post this collection) 
Me will be about me (obviously) because I have recently discovered it’s okay to be myself and to treat myself correctly. 
Also writing a short story so that’s fun. 
All of this for a competition I need to win. 
What else? I would like to publicly thank Kara for being incredible and responding to my ridiculous texts at all times. Zoe for being amazing and inspiring. 

Cool. That’s it. Bye.

You should post a selfie, you're so beautiful! :)

This is usually my face when I get anonymous compliments. Thank you!